Who we are in Diecimo – Lucca –

Despite its modern vision looking to the future,Arredamenti Barsanti was born as a commercial family company.Nicola and Alessia continue the furniture business created by their father Egidio in 1982.Combining respect for tradition with tendancies towards new trends create the best mix which make Arredamenti Barsanti a reliable location for the furnishings of your home.


Over 30 years in home furnishing

Our 30 plus years in home furnishing make us qualified professionals whom you can trust to furnish your home. In our shop you will find fitted kitchens classic or modern made to order, appliances, living rooms, sofas, bedrooms, children rooms and complements of furnishing. Furnishing is not only the creative fruit of an interior designer or the vision of an architect,but it is the creation of a setting in which to spend our most pleasant moments,to relax,however predominantly where we live.Listening to the needs and requests of our clients,exchanging ideas,we can understand finding the perfect solutions to all needs together.

If you thinking about the home….. think Arredamenti Barsanti